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It’s love: Vegan French Onion Soup, Kissing Kale Pasta, Beet Falafels

Get ready to fall into deep, sweet love with this week’s meal plan.I’ve assembled all my favorite “date night” recipes…Mojo makers! Feel sexy after these meals!Recipes included this week:

French Onion Soup—OMG!
Green Goddes…

Vegan Breakfast Ideas: Over 50, 5 minute easy to prepare recipes

Who said vegan breakfasts had to be boring? Prepare to be blown away by these quick and simple vegan recipes including smoothies, oatmeal, scrambles, and more!
Breakfast Shakes & Smoothies: Your perfect companion for life on the go.
Oatmeal Cookie …

13 Ideas for “healthy” Super Bowl foods (Vegan Favorite Football Foods)

Trying to feed omnivores vegan food (or anything healthy)?

Here’s my secret:
Use familiar flavors and foods they already know and love.

That way their ‘defenses’ are down, making room for an open mind.

This meal plan has 13 easy, crowd-pleasing hits! 

These recipes are 5-star rated and I’ve personally tested them at crowd functions!

Ain’t nobody gonna turn these dishes down:
Tailgate Chili 
Burger Bites
Nacho Mac
Pulled “Pork” Sliders 
Buffalo Tots 
Chinese Rice Salad

They’re also FABULOUS for the weeknight! 

Other midweek meals on this plan include:
Bangin’ Sliders
Orange Broccoli Salad (new)
Cauliflower Enchilada Tacos (new)
BASH Bowls (new)
Eggplant Involtini (new)

This stellar lineup guarantees you’ll score big with your crowd. 

Everyone’s health wins too! 🙌

Super Bowl Sunday is America’s largest consumption day after Thanksgiving.

Be the person that brings balance to the bowls of chips and boxes of pizza. 

Keep your head in the game.  

Get simple healthy vegan recipes + a shopping list delivered every week.

SUPER BOWL BONUS: Join this week and you’ll also get my 365 Holiday Cookbook too! Full of 42 recipes to help you celebrate in a healthy way all year long. 

Let’s party,
Lindsay 🎉


Best Pizza Hummus aka Pizza Dip — Super Bowl Food

When your two favorite Football foods become ONE.
Or even if you don’t do football…
This hummus is a party favorite.
Serve warm or cold with crudites, crackers, pita, pretzel rods, a spoon…
Recipe below > > >

Pizza Hummus aka P…

Tabbouleh Tacos, BLT Ranch Burger, Asian Falafels

Heyyyy New York, Fusion is Fashion!I’m bringing out my culinary flare in #FashionWeek spirit. (It’s Fashion Week in New York and Paris… I’m a baby fashionista….)Your kitchen table is my runway this week! This c…