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Semolina Pudding with Fresh Berries

This has been an exceptional year for berries, so we have made this delicious and easy dessert a few times with various berries. It is quick and easy to make and very enjoyable. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: for the pudding: 4 cups non-dairy … [Read entire story...]


There is an abundance of yellow plums on our island right now, it seems.  I was gifted with a bag of them and we couldn't eat them all.  I decided to make chutney out of the remainder, but I didn't really want to make the usual … [Read entire story...]

Cookbook review: Pure & Beautiful Vegan Cooking is a gift to us all

Produce on Parade blogger Katherine Henry, all the way from Alaska, brings us a big hug of a cookbook.P&BVC makes me happy on all the levels. Most importantly, the recipes are DELICIOUS, well-written, and unique. You know that chana masala you … [Read entire story...]

“Vegans are often penalised for ‘forcing’ their child to eat like them. But it’s…”

“Vegans are often penalised for ‘forcing’ their child to eat like them. But it’s unreasonable to expect a vegan parent to give their children chicken nuggets and cheese toasties just because this is what most people do. All parents make decisions on … [Read entire story...]

Fun with Noodles and Ribbons and Zoodles – Oh! My!

I don’t think there’s anything that makes a dish prettier than curly vegetables in the form of noodles, zoodles, ribbons or spirals! They are a great way to add height and color to a dish, not to mention the fact that they make a lot of … [Read entire story...]

Simple Vegan Cashew Yogurt and many more vegan bits

Garlic & Dill Cauliflower Steaks Spicy Pickled Green Beans Millet Sweet Corn Fritters The Ultimate Mediterranean Bowl Simple Vegan Cashew Yogurt Vegan Oil-Free Creamy Italian Dressing http://ohmyveggies.com/vegan-club-sandwiches/ SESAME GARLIC … [Read entire story...]

Review: Broad bean & courgette salad

In England fava beans are known as “broad beans” and zucchini is known as “courgette”. We came across this delicious salad at the BBC Good Food blog. We served it as a warm salad, main meal portion at lunchtime. It is a … [Read entire story...]

That New Tyson Chicken Investigation Is Horrifying

Your latest from Paul Shapiro, the Vice President of Farm Animal Protection at HSUS!“You can’t let nobody see.” Those were the words of a Tyson chicken worker as he abused birds while being filmed by a hidden camera used by an undercover investigator … [Read entire story...]

Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Come Meet Peter Singer!

Your latest from Paul Shapiro, the Vice President of Farm Animal Protection at HSUS!Want to meet philosopher Peter Singer and talk with some of America’s leading food and ag journalists? HSUS’s Future of Food and Farming conference this October in DC … [Read entire story...]

Share the Vegan Challenge!

More people than ever are realizing the benefits of going vegan, and this month Vegan Lifestyle Magazine is challenging vegans everywhere to help share the love. … [Read entire story...]

Herbie of the Week: Tim (Not a candidate for surgery, small changes were his only hope)

Meet our Herbie of the Week: Tim!Tim gave up on himself, then he tried to change one small thing. Then the next day another small step: just 4 more stairs today. Tim's wife was there through thick and thin, literally, and they couldn't be happier … [Read entire story...]

California Cobb Sandwiches, Israeli Pasta Salad, Sweet Corn Pitas, 1-Minute Apple Pie & more!

Are you ready for an AWESOME August? Max the chillax before the back-to-school crazy hits with this week's meal plan!Go from kitchen to table in 12 minutes or less with Israeli Pasta Salad (NEW!), California Cobb Sandwiches (NEW!), Enchilada'd … [Read entire story...]