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Super Simple Vegan Gravy

If you are making a Thanksgiving feast, you are going to need gravy. You can buy ready-made vegan gravy; several of the heat-and-eat roasts (i.e. Tofurky) include gravy... and that gravy is good, but this gravy is really worth making. Pour it on your … [Read entire story...]


The post TOFFEE APPLE BROWNIE & CARAMEL SAUCE appeared first on Vegan Bits. … [Read entire story...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bark

This chocolate chip cookie dough bark is possibly the best thing to ever happen to a Monday. Just 8 ingredients, no baking required – and it’s completely vegan! You didn’t think I’d let Halloween go by without posting at least one new healthy candy … [Read entire story...]

Vegan Savoury Pumpkin Rolls

November and December are definitely my favorites months of the year. The weather is southern California is cooler and the food is yummy! Delicious Vegan Savoury Pumpkin Rolls with walnuts, sage and coconut. Oh yeah, autumn snacking at its best! … [Read entire story...]

Smoky Vegan Beans on Toast

I was in a small airport in Australia thinking "what will I eat?" Much to my surprise, the little eatery offered beans on toast! They were OK, but I was happy to have something vegan to eat.  These beans on toast are incredible! With all of the … [Read entire story...]

Creamy Vegan Mushroom Lasagna

Lasagna is probably in my top ten favorite foods. I don't eat it often, but I will definitely try this one. Sautéed mushrooms are layered between pasta sheets, creamy vegan ricotta, and gooey truffle-infused bechamel sauce to create this luscious, … [Read entire story...]

Fall Harvest Burrito with Homemade Vegan Mayo

So many flavors coming together in one recipe! You’re going to need to cleanse your palate for this one. It’s kind of like your mouth decided to harvest all the fall flavors at one time. I’m talking savory, sweet, tangy; it just doesn’t stop. Source: … [Read entire story...]

Chickpea Tomato Soup

Yum! This Chickpea Tomato Soup is cheap, easy to make and full of flavour. It’s a great budget meal – made with ingredients that most people would already have in the cupboard – a couple of tins of tomato and a tin of chickpeas, some onions, garlic … [Read entire story...]

Make-Ahead Roasted Butternut Squash Casserole

  Source: Make-Ahead Roasted Butternut Squash Casserole The post Make-Ahead Roasted Butternut Squash Casserole appeared first on Vegan Bits. … [Read entire story...]

Richa Hingle’s Bombay Potatoes & Peas

Usually I do most of my cooking for the week over the weekend. This is a sensible strategy, except when it isn’t: sometimes grad school stuff piles up, or I’ve made more plans than usual, or I just need a break from the kitchen. At these times, it’s … [Read entire story...]

Nutella Smothered Sourdough Waffles

Alright, lets talk about sourdough. Or better put, “naturally leavened” baked goods, made using a sourdough starter rather than commercialized yeast. And what’s with the starter? It’s this amazing thing that is actually living which you take care of … [Read entire story...]

Macadamia Dill Cheese

This Macadamia Dill Cheese is seriously good vegan cheese! And it takes no time at all to make! The longest part of making this cheese is waiting for the macadamias to soak. Luckily they don’t take that long – just a couple of hours. Source: … [Read entire story...]