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2016 Vegansaurus Holiday Gift Guide! Vegan, eco- and people-friendly gift ideas!

Hi pals! Now you KNOW I’m the best gift giver, so I like to do a roundup of gift ideas for you guys because I’m the nicest most helpful. Here’s my roundup for 2016!For ~fashion~ People:These cute post earrings from Ethos Collection are not only … [Read entire story...]

Animal News You Can Use: strategies for success!

Ever wondered about HSUS’s strategies for success? The Chronicle of Philanthropy has a must-read profile on the topic this week—check it out!One of those strategies unsurprisingly is winning for animals in the courts, something you can read about in … [Read entire story...]

Help this dog find a home, get free vegan soft serve for a week!!!

We all know that helping a pup find a home is rewarding in and of itself, but hey, who doesn’t want free vegan soft serve amirite?!?! And that’s just what you’ll get if you make the forever home connection for Beans! If you haven’t heard, the … [Read entire story...]

Petcurean Releases “Endless Valley,” a Food for Vegan Dogs!

Listen up, woof-ers! Petcurean, a family-owned Canadian company that creates premium-quality pet food recipes by making sure your companion animal’s health is put first, has released a vegan dog food! For all-veggie dogs to canines with … [Read entire story...]

Candy Cane Nog Holiday Matcha Latte

Candy Cane Nog Holiday Matcha Latte + Encha Holiday Gifts (Giveaway too!) Source: Lunch Box Bunch … [Read entire story...]

Detox Turmeric Ginger Miso Soup

The holiday season is a great time to gorge, but sometimes — just sometimes — I love to take a break from all that food with something clean and simple, like this Detox Turmeric Ginger Miso Soup. It cleanses you inside out, puts a glow in … [Read entire story...]

The new £5 notes contain animal fat

I was at a friend's house the other day. She offered me Jello. She said vegans can eat Jello, "... there's nothing in there, right?" She was aghast when I told her what Jello was made from; to quote Merriam-Webster: glutinous material obtained from … [Read entire story...]

Vegan Christmas Cookies… Snickerdoodles

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We don't just enjoy the Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving, we are still eating it every day for lunch and dinner for about a week. As we finish dishes, Jane back-fills and we keep on going... as I said, usually … [Read entire story...]


I know a lot of people aren't crazy about curry... I LOVE curry! Especially Indian curry. This is a comforting and satiating curry that warms from the inside out. Plus, it’s packed with plant-based protein and fiber—13 grams and 15 grams per serving, … [Read entire story...]

Vegan Tamales Unwrapped

Tamales seem to be one of those foods that everyone loves - but they can seem a little daunting to make, so they often get saved for special occasions out to a Mexican restaurant (or an even more special vegan Mexican restaurant!) But in her new … [Read entire story...]

Restaurant Review: Modern Love Brooklyn!

If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of New York, you’ve probably heard that Modern Love Brooklyn has opened to rave reviews. It’s about time too; we’ve been coveting Modern Love Omaha from afar for far too long.I was anxious to go and pored over the … [Read entire story...]

Paobab: Eco-friendly, ethically sourced, vegan camera straps!

Paobab is a brand new alternative to traditional leather or commonplace plastic camera straps! They are having a kickstarter to launch their first product: The Buckle Strap. Isn’t is pretty?!It’s launching in four colors and it seems like the PERFECT … [Read entire story...]